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Enthroning the Divine Mercy Jesus in your home DVD

Our Nation is under attack and our Freedom is being jeopardized. Our Lord and Saviorís teachings and Commandments are being removed from every part of the public square as well as His Image. The demands of our Government are no longer in line with the laws of God and our Constitution. Do not pass on this opportunity to protect your home and family from the onslaught of evil with our Lord's original Image.

Through this video you will learn the graces being offered by our Lord through this image that was painted under the direction of Saint Faustina, So many miracles our directly linked to this original image of the Divine Mercy Jesus. In this video is the remedy for mankind, Divine Mercy! During these grave times ahead in our Church and throughout the world, this image will be great protection in our homes and our cityís. When Jesus posed and asked Saint Faustina to have His Image painted for the whole world to see and venerate and gave many promises attached to this image, why are we ignoring Him?

"When punishment for sins shall come upon the earth and your native land shall be in extreme abasement, the only salvation will be hope in Divine Mercy . . . I shall preserve the cities and homes in which this picture shall be found." (Words from Jesus to Saint Faustina, taken from a letter dated 10-7-1941 by Blessed Father Soposko, Saint Faustina's spiritual director.)

Enthronement DVD